:star:Shared Masternode rules:star:


General: It’s your responsability to check addresses to which you send the coins. Loss due to mistyped addresses will be yours.

New coins listed will be announced in #recent-coin-listing. Suggestions and requests for new masternodes are welcomed in #new-coin-request

The administration reserves the right to refuse or disband any masternode. Should a masternode be disbanded, the administration will explain why and send all staked coins to the owners’ payment addresses. The administration reserves the right to change the rules by notifying the community in advance via the chat #announcements.


Fees: The cost of participation is 5% of the rewards, everything included. There is no installation fees.


Enter: The rules and wallets for deposits relating to a specific masternode can always be found in the pinned messages of the masternode’s channel. After a masternode is launched, coins may not be withdrawn for 3 days.


Exit: Participants wishing to leave a masternode must notify the administration a day in advance. The administration will seek to replace the participant’s stake. Should no suitable replacement be found within 48 hours, the node will be disbanded. If all participants of a masternode wish to leave, the node will be disbanded in a delay of 24h.


Payouts: The first week after the coin has been added to our service: payement every day. After this period: payments are made once a week, occurring on Monday. All payments takes place between 19:00 and 04:00 UTC